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610 major projects start construction in Inner Mongolia

2021-04-29 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Construction of a project resumes in Hulunbuir city on April 22. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

A total of 610 investment projects in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region started construction on April 22.

The projects cover fields such as public infrastructure construction, emerging industry development, basic public services and guaranteeing people's livelihoods.

The total investment amount of the 610 projects reaches 500 billion yuan ($75.02 billion).

Currently, the rate of projects starting or resuming construction in Inner Mongolia exceeds 60 percent of the total investment projects in the autonomous region throughout the year.

The conditions of project construction in cities and leagues in Inner Mongolia are as follows.


Baotou plans to implement 715 major projects this year involving various fields, including rare-earth new materials, new energy, ecological and environmental protection and infrastructure construction.


Hulunbuir plans to implement 244 municipal-level key projects this year, covering areas such as industrial transformation, infrastructure, technological innovation, environmental protection and the improvement of people's livelihoods.


Bulldozers level the land to prepare for project construction in Tongliao city on April 22. [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

Hinggan League 

Hinggan League plans to implement 184 major projects this year, covering transportation, energy, agriculture, forestry, grass and water resources and environmental protection.


Tongliao plans to implement 192 projects this year, covering fields such as green agricultural and livestock products, the nickel circular economy, modern energy, traditional Mongolian medicine and healthcare.


This year, Ulaanqab plans to implement 295 government projects, each with an investment amount of more than 50 million yuan, and enterprise projects, each with an investment amount of more than 100 million yuan.


Ordos plans to implement 453 major projects this year, each with an investment amount of more than 100 million yuan. The main focus is on projects in the fields of modern energy equipment manufacturing, the modern coal chemical industry, new energy and new materials.