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China-Mongolia border port has handled over 1,200 China-Europe freight trains

2021-07-05 (Xinhua)

A total of 1,225 China-Europe freight trains have this year passed the border port of Ereenhot in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Xinhua reported.

The 1,225th train pulled into the station on Thursday, loaded with 698.4 tons of goods worth more than 22 million yuan ($3.4 million) in total, most of which were mechanical parts, medical equipment components and daily necessities.

So far, 48 China-Europe freight train routes pass through Ereenhot Port, the largest land port on the China-Mongolia border.

"The China-Europe freight trains have become an international logistics service widely recognized by countries along the routes, as they are safe, speedy and environmentally friendly," said Wang Maili, an official with the Ereenhot customs bureau.