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Inner Mongolia announces next five-year development plan

2021-12-02 (chinadaily.com.cn)

The 11th CPC Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Congress was held in its capital of Hohhot on Nov 27-30 to review major achievements and experiences since the previous congress and put forward goals and tasks for the next five years.

The congress declared that Inner Mongolia will adhere to a new path of high-quality development based on eco-friendly priorities and green development.

In the following five years, Inner Mongolia will prioritize the construction of a strong ecological security barrier to promote economic and social development. The region has made arrangements to increase the protection of the ecosystem, reduce pollution, and promote the development of green and low-carbon production.

It will promote the transformation of economic development from resource-dependent to innovation-driven, from extensive and high-carbon to green and low-carbon, and from decentralized and low-efficiency to intensive and efficient.

It will also lead the establishment of an energy supply system with a new power system based on new energy. 

By 2025, the installed capacity of new energy should exceed the installed capacity of thermal power, and the total amount of new energy power generation in 2030 should exceed that of thermal power.

Inner Mongolia will take measures and form policies related to:

  • Strengthening the dual control of land space and binding indicators

  • Further implementing scientific and technological innovation

  • Working toward carbon peaking and carbon neutrality

  • Promoting the green and low-carbon development of traditional industries

  • Deepening the modernization of industrial chains, greatly increasing the degree of deep processing of products, and enhancing the comprehensive benefits of the industry

Inner Mongolia will also coordinate the development of regional differentiation, deepen the reform of the income distribution system, promote the equalization of basic public services, promote common spiritual prosperity, and promote common prosperity in rural areas.

As the first ethnic autonomous region established under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Inner Mongolia will continue to cherish and uphold its fine tradition of ethnic unity and cement its sense of community with the Chinese nation.

Additionally, Inner Mongolia will unswervingly promote Party building, clean government and the fight against corruption, and work to purify and restore the political environment.