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Inner Mongolia makes efforts to achieve goals

2022-12-21 (chinadaily.com.cn)

Every effort will be made by North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region to become a national energy and strategic resource base, a national agricultural and livestock product production base, an ecological and frontier security barrier in northern China and a bridgehead for the country's opening-up to the north.

This is according to the news conference held by the CPC Inner Mongolia autonomous regional committee on Dec 12.

In making such efforts, Inner Mongolia will speed up green transformation, promote carbon peak and carbon neutrality, as well as improve the diversity, stability, and sustainability of the ecosystem.

In a bid to maintain national unity, social harmony and stabilize frontiers, Inner Mongolia will accelerate the modernization of its national security system. This will prevent and defuse risks, improve the social governance system, and enhance the effectiveness of social governance. 

Moreover, Inner Mongolia will promote the development of new energy industrial chains, improve energy production, supply, storage and sales systems, and enhance the ability to guarantee the supply of strategic resources.

It was also stated that Inner Mongolia will take on key tasks to build a high-quality modern agriculture and animal husbandry development system. These tasks include high-standard farmland construction, improving agriculture and animal husbandry, forage base construction, and developing the seed industry.

Additionally, Inner Mongolia is planning to promote investments, develop an open economy, build more open ports and channels, optimize its business environment, and accelerate the development of the pan-port economy.