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Inner Mongolia ice, snow nadam kicks off

2022-12-23 (


A snowmobile show is presented at the opening ceremony of the 19th Inner Mongolia Ice and Snow Nadam on Dec 22. [Photo/Grassland Media]

The 19th Inner Mongolia Ice and Snow Nadam successfully kicked off in the city of Hulunbuir in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Dec 22.

At the opening ceremony of the event, more than 200 snowmobiles and motorcycles presented exciting performances to create a festive atmosphere.

As a key winter tourism event in the region in 2022, this year's nadam is centered around the four themes of "watching competitions, enjoying the scenery, having fun, and tasting culture".

The event focuses on displaying traditional sports, culture, art, food and other new forms of tourism, aiming to promote the normalization, branding and product development of local winter tourism.


A traditional dance performance is staged to celebrate the opening of the 19th Inner Mongolia Ice and Snow Nadam on Dec 22. [Photo/Grassland Media]

Tourists will have the opportunity to watch the three attractions performed by the Mongolia ethnic group -- wrestling, horseback riding and archery

-- as well as camel racing, and Ewenki's reindeer sleigh rides.

They will also have access to winter activities such as skating, skiing, snowmobile riding, and cold pole marathons.

The Yakeshi Cross-Country Ski Race, the Zhalantun Ice and Snow Carnival Event Series, the Ninth Genhe Cold Pole Marathon and other activities will also be launched from Dec 23rd to 25th.