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China's Inner Mongolia reports strong headway in sand control

2023-01-16 (Xinhua)

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region has seen heartening progress in sand control over the past five years, according to the region's 2023 government work report released Thursday, Xinhua reported.

During the five-year period, Inner Mongolia has planted upwards of 37 million mu (2.47 million hectares) of trees, grown more than 120 million mu of grass, and treated over 54 million mu of desertified and sandy land, ranking first nationwide in all the three indicators, said the report released at the ongoing annual session of the regional people's congress.

Home to four of the country's major deserts and four major sandy areas, Inner Mongolia has long been plagued by desertification and sandy land, and in recent years, has stepped up its green efforts.

In 2023, the region will push forward with its ecosystem protection and restoration projects, as well as afforestation and sand control work, according to the report.