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Great progresses made in Inner Mongolia's economic, social development

2023-01-18 (chinadaily.com.cn)

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region announced its annual government work report at the first plenary of the 14th Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional People's Congress, which took place in its capital city Hohhot on Jan 12-16.

According to the report, in 2022, Inner Mongolia’s GDP increased by more than 4 percent; and the industrial added value of enterprises above the designated size increased by more than 8 percent, ranking third in the country.

In addition, investment in fixed assets increased by more than 17 percent, ranking first in the country, while its general public budget revenue grew by 20.2 percent, ranking second in the country.

In 2022, Inner Mongolia completed 3,343 major projects, and completed construction investment valued at more than 600 billion yuan.

The industrial investment in the region increased by more than 44 percent, equipment manufacturing investment increased by more than 1.2 times, and new energy investment increased by more than 5 times that of 2021.

In the past year, Inner Mongolia played a major role in ensuring national energy security and food security. The output of coal in the region was 1.22 billion metric tons and power generation reached 646.5 billion kWh.

The output of grain from the region was 39 billion kilograms, the output of milk reached 7.34 million tons, and the output of meat came in at 2.78 million tons, all hitting record highs.

In terms of the people's livelihood, employment, medical care, social security and other expenditures in Inner Mongolia maintained double-digit growth and urban employment improved greatly.

Additionally, Inner Mongolia renovated 1,571 old residential communities and 2,170 kilometers of old pipe networks. It built 6,261 kilometers of new roads in rural and pastoral areas, and renovated more than 100,000 household toilets.