Ma's Steamed Dumplings | Updated: March 14, 2018
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Ma's Steamed Dumplings, 马家烧麦, majiashaomai

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With a unique flavor, Ma's Steamed Dumplings were created in 1796 by Ma Chun and now have a history dating back more than 200 years. At that time, there were no stores in Shenyang, so the only way to sell the freshly made dumplings was from a wheelbarrow in the bustling streets. 

Ma's Steamed Dumplings became popular because of a strict selection of ingredients, sophisticated method of production, delicious taste, and beautiful shape. In 1828 (the eighth year under the rule of Emperor Dao Guang in the Qing Dynasty), Ma Chun's son, Ma Guangyuan, established two simple stores called Ma's Steamed Dumplings, both situated outside the wall of the Small West Door. Since then, Ma's Steamed Dumplings has become known far and wide. The fresh and mellow fillings are made of sirloin, hind leg and flank oil with very strict requirements. When finished, the soft and chewy dumplings appear crystal bright on the surface, looking much like peony buds ready to blossom. 

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