Micang Mountain Gorges show off scenic landforms

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: August 10, 2021
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Micang Mountain Gorges, located in Guangyuan city, Sichuan province, are famous for their secluded mountain scenery, graceful springs, and strange peaks and rocks. 


The entrance of the scenic area of the Micang Mountain Gorges [Photo by Chen Jiapu]

The scenic area, boasting 35 beautiful spots, was established as a national AAAA-level tourist attraction last year. It integrate the value of tourism development and scientific investigation, and is dubbed a "living geological history textbook".


An aerial photo of the Qianlong Eighteen Pools [Photo by Chen Jiapu]


Water runs through the Qianlong Eighteen Pools. [Photo by Gou Xiaoyun]

Located in the middle section of the Longtanzi River, at an altitude of 950 meters, the Qianlong Eighteen Pools are the largest and most concentrated group of cascading teapot dens in the country.

Due to the different sizes, depths, spacing of the pools and the strength of water currents, the water makes a lovely motion while flowing from the bottom of one pool into another.  


Strips of vegetation highlight the fault lines of the the Wall Gorge. [Photo by Chen Jiapu]

The Wall Gorge, with an altitude reaching 300 meters, is the most typical wall-shaped fault gap in China. 


Picture shows the Valley of Great Men in profile. [Photo by Chen Jiapu]

The Valley of Great Men is renowned for looking like a giant lying on its back in the mountains.


Tourists wander through the bottom of the Thin Strip of Sky. [Photo by Chen Jiapu]

At the Thin Strip of Sky, the cliffs on both sides are intertwined with vines, the valley bottom is tortuous, dead branches hang upside down, and green moss clings to steep rocks, giving visitors an immense feeling of seclusion and quiet.

The 4 km-long Longtan Valley has beautiful scenery and the gurgling water. As the narrow gap winds, views transform every few steps.


A cloud of fine spray comes up from the Crescent Waterfall. [Photo by Chen Jiapu]

The Crescent Waterfall, also known as Longtanzi Waterfall, falls straight down from the absolute shore, like a silver dragon leaping from the sky. 

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