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Digitization reform

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 12, 2021 L M S

Starting time: February 2021


The CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee held a high-profile conference dedicated to pushing forward the province's digitization reform on Feb 18, the first working day in the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Ox.

At the conference, Zhejiang authorities laid out five key points in the digitization reform: government agencies, digital governance, digital economy, digitized society, and digitized rule of law.

The government's leading role is stressed in the digitization reform. Its leadership should be continuously improved in the three dimensions of institution, governance, and wisdom.

The reform on digital governance should be centered on improving the sense of satisfaction among citizens and enterprises about the administrative services offered by the government through digital means.

The reform on digital economy should be centered on the commercialization of digital technologies and the digitization of all industry sectors. Data generated in public services, corporate production, supply chains, consumer services, and trade logistics should be utilized in an integrated manner to achieve an efficient allocation of social resources, as well as high-level socioeconomic synergy.

The reform on digitized society should focus on achieving the integrated development of various sectors of public services, including education, labor protection, housing, culture, sports, tourism, healthcare, senior care, social relief, as well as transportation, meeting the general public's high-level, diversified, and egalitarian needs in these regards.

The reform on the digitized rule of law is focused on applying digital technologies to reshape the institutions, organizational structure, and operation flow in key areas of legislation, law enforcement, as well as jurisdiction.