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Lishui promotes Ming Dynasty playwright

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: April 14, 2023 L M S


The 9th Zhejiang Suichang Tang Xianzu Cultural Festival opens in Suichang county, Lishui on April 13. [Photo/people.cn]

The 9th Zhejiang Suichang Tang Xianzu Cultural Festival was held in Suichang county, Lishui, on April 13 to celebrate the enduring influence of Tang Xianzu, an esteemed Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) playwright.

The festival featured a range of events, including a spectacular performance of Tang's masterpiece, The Peony Pavilion, by the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe.

With a compelling mix of timeless themes and social significance, The Peony Pavilion, resonated deeply with the audience. The director of the production expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to hold the play in Suichang, where the play originated.


The Peony Pavilion is performed by Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe in Lishui on April 13. [Photo/people.cn]

As the original creator of The Peony Pavilion, Tang Xianzu is widely regarded as a cultural icon in China. Suichang county has, for over a decade, been committed to promoting his legacy by organizing eight cultural festivals and two music festivals, as well as establishing research and learning centers, such as the Tang Xianzu Memorial Hall.

The county has also created over 20 unique cultural and tourism products based on Tang's works, such as the Tang Xianzu Poems Journey and The Peony Pavilion Culture Tour. These initiatives have helped Suichang transform its rich cultural resources into drivers of economic growth and opportunities for local development.