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Unveiling treasures: Wenzhou's dragon-related intangible cultural heritage items

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: February 9, 2024 L M S

Wenzhou, renowned as the birthplace of countless skilled artisans, boasts a rich tapestry of intangible cultural heritage items, deeply intertwined with the mythical essence of dragons.

Yueqing longdang (Yueqing bench dragon)


A Yueqing longdang display. [Photo/wzrb.com.cn]

In June 2008, the Yueqing longdang earned its place in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage item listings. This treasure of Yueqing epitomizes the region's vibrant local traditions. Crafted from camphor wood, the bench dragon was historically used to pray for favorable weather, abundant harvests, and protection from calamities. As the focal point of lantern festivities, it not only entertains but also embodies people's aspirations for prosperity.

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