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Nigerian shoemaking workshop cultivates Chinese cultural troupe

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 26, 2024 L M S


Huaxing Art Troupe performs Chinese dance at a local event in Nigeria. [Photo/tidenews.com.cn]

At the Lagos Oriental Hotel in Nigeria, on March 23, the Beijing North Continent Biology Nigeria Branch held in tandem both its annual commendation ceremony and the establishment ceremony of the Beijing North Continent Biology Charity Foundation.

Amid rhythmic drumbeats, performers clad in golden Chinese attire captivated audiences with a dynamic dragon dance. The performers hail from the Nigeria Huaxing Art Troupe, led by Ni Mengxiao, a Wenzhou overseas Chinese, and president of the Council of China Industrial Commercial Enterprises Association in Nigeria.

Ni's workshop often plays Chinese songs, which gradually gave rise to an unexpected enthusiasm for the music among Nigerian employees. This led to the formation of the Seven Star Farm Chinese Style Singing and Dancing Troupe in 2012, marking its debut during a local community event.

Despite workforce turnover, the troupe continued, staging traditional Chinese cultural performances and promoting cultural exchange in the local community. Recognized by the State Council's Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in 2017 as the Nigeria Huaxing Art Troupe, the group under Ni's leadership continued its efforts to foster cultural exchange.

Their impactful contributions have fostered friendship and mutual understanding between China and Nigeria, showcasing the transformative power of cultural exchange.

In Ni's recollections, numerous scenes stand out, including a touching moment when an elderly director, who had traveled extensively in China, tearfully expressed gratitude for witnessing the unity among Nigeria's diverse ethnic groups during the troupe's performance.

"Spreading Chinese culture overseas is an important responsibility and mission," expressed Yan Yuqing, Chinese Consul General in Lagos. In Yan's view, the Huaxing Art Troupe communicates through culture, bridging the friendship between China and Nigeria, promoting cultural integration and harmonious coexistence.