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Vera Wang to star in Puyuan Fashion Week's VIP show

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: April 17, 2024 L M S


A dress designed by Vera Wang. [Photo/jiaxingren.com]

Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town in Tongxiang, a county-level city of Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, is set to host its 2024 Fashion Week on April 24, with a VIP show featuring the legendary Vera Wang.

Known in Chinese as Wang Weiwei, Vera Wang is a trailblazing Chinese-American designer who has redefined bridal fashion with her dreamy, custom-made gowns, earning her the title of the "Queen of Wedding Dresses".

Vera Wang Haute, established in the United States, is a global leader in women's fashion, bridal, and evening wear, with flagship stores in 22 cities worldwide. Its Shanghai Xintiandi store is the largest in Asia, complemented by other flagships in Beijing, Shenyang, Nanjing, and Shenzhen. Vera Wang Haute stands out as the first fashion house to bring the fashion concept into bridal design, maintaining a leading role in the industry.

Vera Wang Haute's wedding dresses, celebrated for their use of pure silk satin, align with Puyuan's renowned puchou silk, symbolizing a fusion of Eastern cultural beauty. This year's Puyuan Fashion Week is eagerly awaited, promising a blend of style, innovation, and cultural richness.