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Wenzhou's pet food industry leaps forward with Cambodian imports

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: May 16, 2024 L M S

Wenzhou's pet food industry is set to benefit from a new policy allowing for the import of semi-finished bovine hide chews from Cambodia. This move, sanctioned by the General Administration of Customs, promises to support the sustainable growth of Pingyang's chewable pet food sector.

Pingyang's chewable pet food industry, after more than three decades of significant growth, has become a niche industry with global influence.

There are over 100 pet-related enterprises in Pingyang, with an annual output value of over 5 billion yuan ($692.82 million). Among them, 14 enterprises that export pet chews account for 60 percent of China's total exports in this category

The approval of Cambodian imports is expected to save these enterprises over 100 million yuan annually.

The initiative was propelled by Wenzhou Customs' efforts to address the domestic shortage and high costs of raw materials that were hindering the industry's expansion. By establishing a direct import channel from Cambodia, where production costs are significantly lower, Wenzhou Customs has paved the way for a more cost-effective supply chain.

This strategic move not only alleviates cost pressures for local businesses but also strengthens economic ties between China and Cambodia, showcasing Wenzhou's proactive approach in international trade and its commitment to industry innovation and development.