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A glimpse into Chinese democracy for global residents in Wenzhou

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: May 16, 2024 L M S


Foreign residents in Wenzhou experience intangible cultural heritage demonstrations. [Photo/wzrb.com.cn]

Wenzhou people's congress opened its doors to international residents for the first time on May 15, providing a rare insight into the legislative workings of Chinese democracy.

The event saw 21 expats from 13 countries, including educators and researchers, immerse themselves in the political process and cultural heritage of Wenzhou.

The visit showcased the Wenzhou people's congress standing committee hall and historical sites, where the international community learned about local governance and public engagement. Elena Vitali, a professor at Wenzhou University, was impressed by the city's efforts to prioritize its citizens' well-being and the role of the people's congress in these endeavors.

The group also experienced Wenzhou's rich cultural legacy, engaging with intangible cultural heritage demonstrations and traditional art forms. Saidu Kamara, a Wenzhou Medical University faculty member, appreciated the beauty and hospitality of the city, expressing a desire to make Wenzhou his permanent home.

Percy Akuettueh, a professor at Wenzhou-Kean University, reflected on his 14-year journey in Wenzhou. "This is my first time entering the congress, and as a foreigner, it's enlightening to see where government decisions start and how they are made. Wenzhou has become my second hometown, and I hope more people from various countries will get to know this city," he shared.