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The Museum of Ethnology of Inner Mongolia University

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The exterior of the Museum of Ethnology of Inner Mongolia University [Photo/]

Address: 235 Daxue West Road, Saihan district, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region

The museum houses a national first grade cultural relic -- a gold medal with Mongolian Phags-pa script that dates to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the only such medal in the world.

There is a photo album of the medal in the exhibition hall on the second floor, where a group of ancient artifacts such as knives, belt ornaments, arrowheads made of bronze, wine cups with dragon patterns, embroidered sachets, Yuan Dynasty gold belts and paper money are on display.

It is a non-profit venue and is open to the public for free. Visitors can explore the nomadic civilization of Mongolian people and ethnic groups in North China through exhibits and visual images.

The folk objects exhibited were created and used by the Mongolian ethnic group in their nomadic life for generations. On the first floor, production and living appliances such as traditional Mongolian yurts, carriages and lasso poles can be found. An exhibition on the history of ethnic groups in North China and a hall holding temporary exhibitions are on the third floor.

Established in August 2004, the museum has a floor space of 4,400 square meters, including 1,200 for exhibition. It grew out of the university’s Mongolian folk culture exhibition room and had collected more than 3,000 folk objects for exhibition by the end of 2004.