What you need to know about China-Mongolia Expo

Updated: 2019-09-04 Print


Dancers perform at a cultural event held during the 1st China-Mongolia Expo in Hohhot, capital of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Oct 24, 2015. [Photo/nmgnews.com]

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Mongolia. The 3rd China-Mongolia Expo will be held simultaneously in both Ulaanqab and Hohhot, cities in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, from Sept 6 to 10.

This year's China-Mongolia Expo will consist of an opening ceremony, a regional cooperation summit forum, four sections' activities of exhibitions, investment and trade promotions, and other conferences, forums and cultural exchange activities. Over 10 important activities will be held in total.

Ulaanqab, which held the China-Mongolia Expo for the first time this year, is located at the junction of the Bohai Economic Circle Area and the Hubao Yinyu (Hohhot-Baotou-Yinchuan-Yulin) Economic Area. It is a transportation hub connecting north, northeast, and northwest China. It also connects northeast China with southeast China and is a key city in the China-Russia-Mongolia Economic Corridor. It is the only non-provincial city along the China-Europe Container Train route.

In recent years, Ulaanqab has been actively promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and its efforts to open up have continued to increase. The 3rd China-Mongolia Expo is a major opportunity to promote foreign trade cooperation between Ulaanqab and Mongolia, and is expected to contribute to the city’s opening up.

The China-Mongolia Expo, also held in 2015 and 2017, has helped improve economic and trade cooperation between China and Mongolia. The biennial expo has become an important platform for deepening bilateral cooperation and promoting trade, investment, and tourism cooperation between China and Mongolia and throughout Northeast Asia.

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