• China's coal-rich region speeds up energy structure adjustment


    Inner Mongolia autonomous region, China's major coal producer, has sped up the adjustment of its energy structure, a local official has said.

  • Inner Mongolia irrigation structure included in ICID register


    Hetao irrigation district, an irrigation district in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, was inducted into the register of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage register of World Heritage Irrigation Structures (WHIS) at the 70th International Executive Council Meeting of ICID held in Bali, Indonesia on Sept 4.

  • What you need to know about China-Mongolia Expo


    The 3rd China-Mongolia Expo will be held simultaneously in both Ulaanqab and Hohhot, cities in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, from Sept 6 to 10.

  • Ordos ranks among cities with greatest growth potential


    The city of Ordos made it onto the list of China’s top 100 cities with the greatest potential for growth, in findings released on Aug 23 by Chinese think thank, the Hengda Institute.

  • Ordos recognized for its extraordinary development


    The city of Ordos was recognized as a model demonstrating how a resource-based city can develop itself by playing to its cultural and tourism strengths, at the recent 2019 China Ordos Prairie Silk Road Forum for Cultural and Tourism Development.

  • Cashmere street opens in Ordos


    In Ordos city’s recently opened cashmere pedestrian street, one can find all kinds of high-quality cashmere sweaters, underwear, scarves and other cashmere products.

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