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  • Tree-planting effort fights Ordos desertification


    Ordos in Inner Mongolia autonomous region launched afforestation efforts to combat desertification earlier this year, according to the Forestry and Grassland Administration of Ordos.

  • Ordos mayor: fighting desertification is an ongoing battle


    The 7th Kubuqi International Desert Forum (KIDF) was held in Kubuqi, Ordos, Inner Mongolia from July 27 to 28.

  • Salt-resistant hybrid rice to be planted in Ordos


    A team from the Sea Rice Research and Development Center reached a landmark agricultural agreement with the government of Hanggin Banner in Ordos, in Inner Mongolia autonomous region on July 16.

  • Land for Life Award winners named at forum


    The UNCCD 2019 Land for Life Award was given to three winners at the awarding ceremony of the seventh Kubuqi International Desert Forum, which took place at the Elion Ecological Demonstration Area in Ordos, North China Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on July 27.

  • Ordos launches world-first desertification advisory body


    The city of Ordos officially launched an advisory body for desertification control in Ejin Horoo Banner on May 15. The local authorities named the body as the Center for Launching Desertification Control Index.

  • Licorice turns desert green, fertile in Inner Mongolia


    Licorice grown in the Amugulong Licorice Industry Demonstration Park in Kubuqi Desert turns desert green and helps halt desertification. Moreover, it helps soil regain integrity to host other crops and its root is used as an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine.

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