• Mausoleum of Genghis Khan


    The Mausoleum is located along a river near Ejin Horo Banner of Ordos and is the first National 5A tourist area in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • Resonant Sand Gorge


    Located in the middle of the Dalad Banner and the easternmost part of the Kubuqi Desert, the Resonant Sand Gorge is a tourist attraction offering the highlight of desert landscapes.

  • ​Kangbashi New District


    It has an artistic layout, pleasant weather and fully reflects regional characteristics, ethnic style, grassland culture and the harmonious relationship between mankind and nature.

  • Malan Prairie


    Located in Otog Front Banner, Malan Prairie is close to the Great Wall of China and the Yellow River.It offers typical grassland landscapes and a wide range of Mongolian cultural services.

  • Seven-star Lake


    ​The Seven-star Lake tourist attraction is located in the Hanggin Banner, with a graceful lake, flying birds, misty scenery and lush water grass.

  • Ordos Museum


    Completed in fall 2011, this plaza is now a favorite amongst the locals who gather their families and friends to explore, play or lounge in the pleasant landscape.

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