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A must-try cycling route along Taihu Lake

(chinadaily.com.cn) | Updated : 2021-11-01


A night view of the bike lane along Taihu Lake in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. [Photo/WeChat account: isuzhou365]

Taihu Lake in autumn is not only a natural paradise with beautiful views, but also an ideal place for cyclists. Follow the special route below and have a wonderful time cycling around Taihu Lake in the cool autumn breeze!

Xijing Bay → Chushan Ecological Park → Mashan Courier Station

Located on Beitaihu Avenue in Suzhou New District, Xijing Bay is hailed as the most beautiful place in the North Taihu Lake area. Apart from its breathtaking landscape and pure fresh air, it also boasts a colorful sea of flowers, creating a unique scene where all the flowers bloom together and compete with each other as if they were in a flower beauty pageant.

With an area of nearly 39 hectares, Chushan Ecological Park lies on the west side of the Taihu Dyke and functions as an ecological wetland, which is a scenic spot for fun and leisure as well as a professional angling base. It is made up of several areas that include a public fishing area and a wetland sightseeing area, and also features a fitness trail, a wooden walkway, spaces for lawn weddings, and idyllic scenery to cycle around.

Situated near the Taihu Dyke, the four-story Mashan Courier Station covers a construction area of 9,500 square meters with multi-functional rooms on each floor, an enquiry desk, an exhibition hall, a leisure area, a meeting room, and a dining room. The open-plan design offers visitors a pleasant atmosphere where they can taste delicious foods while admiring the view of Taihu Lake. The special exhibition hall in the station also boasts Suzhou Embroidery and Wu Culture artifacts.


Cyclists cruise around Taihu Lake. [Photo/WeChat account: isuzhou365]

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