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Local strawberries ready for picking

(chinadaily.com.cn) | Updated : 2022-03-01


Fresh strawberries picked at a farm in Shushan village, Suzhou New District. [Photo/WeChat account: sz-shushan]

There is a variety of foods to enjoy in Suzhou year-round – and strawberry season has arrived.

Strawberries usually ripen at the beginning of the year and are very popular for their bright red color and sweet taste.

All strawberries in the area are grown in warm greenhouses. Strawberries in the fields are now large and plump and will continue being produced until May.

Strawberries picked directly from the farms are fresher than those available at farmers' markets or supermarkets. It's a satisfying feeling to pick a strawberry directly from the farm.


Many strawberry farms in Suzhou allow visitors to pick strawberries themselves. You can drive to Dongshan town or Jinting town in Wuzhong district, Bacheng town in Kunshan city, Tong'an town in Suzhou New District, or Yangcheng Lake Resort in Xiangcheng district and ask if you can pick the strawberries when you see strawberry peddlers or farms nearby.

Most strawberries available on the market are priced at around 50 yuan ($7.92) per kilogram. If you pick them yourself, the price is about 70 yuan per kg.

Strawberries bruise and drop easily, so please be careful not to step on them.

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