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Autumn collections: Seasonal food you shouldn't miss in Suzhou

(chinadaily.com.cn) | Updated : 2022-09-23


Popular autumn foods in Suzhou, including hairy crabs, Chinese chestnuts, water chestnuts, pomegranate, persimmon, gorgon fruit, and meat-stuffed mooncakes. [Photo/WeChat account: isuzhou365]

In October, Suzhou not only boasts a cool breeze and falling leaves, but also various seasonal delicacies.

Hairy crab

Hairy crabs are a staple of Suzhou dinner tables in fall. There are many ways to cook them. The most common way is to steam the tied-up crab for 15 minutes after cleaning its belly to maintain its original flavor. It can also be baked with salt, stir-fried it, or soaked in liquor.


The autumn breeze in Suzhou contains traces of roasted chestnuts, which are usually made in sand with brown sugar. So pick a shop and enjoy the chestnuts while they are still hot.

Osmanthus food

As the city flower of Suzhou, the osmanthus usually blooms in October. It can be made into various foods, such as osmanthus cake, osmanthus syrup and steamed lotus root stuffed with glutinous rice.


Oranges grown in the Dongshan and Xishan areas will ripen soon. Why not arrange a countryside tour to pick some this month?

Aquatic plants

Gorgon fruit, lotus root and wild rice stem, three of the eight famous aquatic plants in Suzhou, are now available. Pay a visit to Fengmen Hengjie Street, where you can find them along with other fresh vegetables.

Cangshu mutton

Among the city's many mutton restaurants, Cangshu Mutton is definitely the most famous. Butchered alive and cooked to order, the brand mutton best preserves the original flavor of the meat.

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