• Qicai Danxia Scenic Area

    Qicai Danxia Scenic Area

  • Investment in Zhangye

    Investment in Zhangye

  • Zhangye National Wetland Park

    Zhangye National Wetland Park

  • Palette of life

    Palette of life

  • Living in Zhangye

    Living in Zhangye


  • Zhangye blooms with success in flower seed business


    At the foot of Qilian Mountain in Gaotai county, Zhangye, Northwest China's Gansu province, a flower planting base spanning over 866 hectares bursts with vibrant blooms.

  • Over 40,000 tourists enjoy Dragon Boat Festival in Gaotai


    On June 10, 2024, in Zhangye city, Gansu province, the Dahu Bay Scenic Area in Gaotai county hosted a vibrant Dragon Boat Race. Athletes propelled their boats with vigor, synchronized to the rhythmic drumbeats, marking the traditional Chinese festival, the Dragon Boat Festival.

About Zhangye

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Zhangye, formerly known as Ganzhou, got its name from the phrase "to extend the arm of the country through to the Western Realm" in the Western Han period and has enjoyed a reputation as “Jiangnan Beyond the Great Wall” and “Golden Zhangye” since ancient times. The total area of Zhangye is 38,600 km2. It covers one district and five counties. Zhangye had a population of 1,237,600 in 2019. It is home to 38 ethnic minorities.


  • Advantages

    Zhangye has various rivers, sufficient sunlight, fertile land and convenient irrigation, which is a national modern agriculture demonstration zone, the largest corn seed production area in the country and the key production bases of grain, vegetables, fruits, oil plants as well as cattle and sheep.

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  • Guide

    Gansu provincial government has recently issued a series of measures to promote foreign investment, by easing entry restrictions, improving relevant policies, and establishing an incentive mechanism. The province will fully implement policies and measures to ease restrictions on foreign investment.

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  • Policies

    Here is a brief introduction of business promotion agencies of Gansu province. Including Gansu Provincial Economic Cooperation Bureau/Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair Office, Department of Commerce of Gansu Province, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and so on.

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Attractions Attractions

Mati Temple

Located at the northwest bank of the Mati River and at the foot of Linsong Mountain in Zhangye, Mati Temple is a national 5A tourist attraction, a cultural relic and a famous Buddhist site.

Dining Dining

Zhangye preserved mutton

Preserved mutton is a famous meat delicacy in Zhangye. It is made from sheep living in mountainous areas; they are known for their tasty flavor.

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