Green development leads Huzhou to prosperity | Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Huzhou in Zhejiang province has witnessed a boom in its economic development over the past few decades thanks to its efforts to promote green development, according to a recent press conference by the provincial government focusing on Huzhou's development. 

Statistics show that the city's regional GDP grew from 1.6 billion yuan ($226.45 million) in 1983 to 271.9 billion yuan in 2018. Fiscal revenue grew from 243 million yuan to 49.07 billion yuan in 2018. Per capita disposable income in urban areas reached 54,393 yuan last year, a 44.2-fold increase over 1986, while that in rural areas increased by a factor of 70.7 from 1983 to hit 31,767 yuan last year. 

The city is the nation's first prefecture-level pilot demonstration zone for ecological civilization construction and has seen good results in the province's environment appraisals for many years.