Huzhou company included in national circular economy program | Updated: Feb 21, 2024


A workshop of Tianneng, a power battery solutions provider based in Changxing county, Huzhou. [Photo/]

A waste lead-acid battery recycling and treatment project initiated by Tianneng has been designated as a national circular economy standardization pilot demonstration project, as announced by the National Standardization Administration and the National Development and Reform Commission.

This project is one of six selected for the national pilot program. Tianneng, a power battery solutions provider based in Huzhou's Changxing county, stands as the sole representative from Zhejiang province, indicative of the company's regional leadership in advancing circular economy initiatives.

Changxing has witnessed an upswing in the lead-acid battery industry, with its scale reaching nearly 30 billion yuan ($4.17 billion). This progress has been driven by the rapid expansion of the new energy generation and energy storage sectors in recent years. However, alongside this economic boom, the industry has encountered significant environmental challenges, particularly related to industrial water reuse and the recycling of regenerated lead and polyethylene.

In response to these challenges, the local government has thrown its support behind Tianneng's efforts to pioneer a standardized model for waste lead-acid battery recycling and treatment. The proposed model encompasses various stages, including recycling, classification and sorting, graded disassembly, material remanufacturing, battery pack remanufacturing, and cascade utilization.

The two-year project aims not only to address local environmental concerns but also to develop a standardized system that can be elevated to national standards. The ultimate goal is to create a replicable and scalable model that can be adopted throughout the industry, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to lead-acid battery recycling and treatment.