Changxing National University Science and Technology Park

Changxing National University Science and Technology Park was officially put into operation in May 2015, with a total planning area of 260,000 square meters. Currently, a 130,000-sq-m area has been completed, including one headquarters, two accelerators and one enclave incubator.

The enclave incubator is located in Sandun town, Xihu district, Hangzhou, with a planned area of 100,000 sq m. The incubator adopts a market-oriented operation mode, and 40,000-sq m area has been put into use.

Adhering to the general goal of building a first-class university science and technology park, the park is continually improving its functional support and service system, strengthening the integration of science and technology and finance, and optimizing the business environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Over the past three years, the park had cooperated with more than 20 key universities and local colleges, and nearly 100 medium, small and micro-sized science and technology enterprises, represented by Medconova, Sinkeriot Technology and Ureal.

Some 80 enterprises had settled in the park, including 17 provincial small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises, a provincial key research and development project, and two national high-tech enterprises. Leading industries stood out in the park, with 27 new energy, new energy vehicles and key components enterprises.

The park has introduced 191 talents with master and doctoral degrees, including an academician, six national-level talents and six provincial-level talents; and 22 talents have won South Taihu Lake Elite Plan awards.

Two enterprises in the park were selected as Huzhou industrial high-technology and high-growth enterprises, and 13 enterprises were listed in the Huzhou science and technology medium, small and micro-sized enterprises three-year growth plan.

The park has also been honored as the provincial-level innovation space, the provincial-level innovation park for overseas students, one of the top 10 provincial-level excellent platforms for agglomeration and development of small and micro-sized enterprises, the provincial-level demonstration park for small and micro-sized enterprises' entrepreneurship and innovation, and the provincial-level demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Through a year of exploration and practice, the Hangzhou enclave incubator is operating smoothly. Its space continues to expand, and supporting functions keep improving. Door-to-door service has been normalized. The incubator has successfully attracted 24 high-tech enterprises, and its influence and popularity have been significantly increased with high-quality projects, such as HydroT Tech, settling in.