Huzhou South Taihu Lake New Area

Located on the southern bank of Taihu Lake, Huzhou South Taihu Lake New Area is one of the four new areas in the Great Bay Area of Zhejiang province which are under construction. The new area consists of the national level Huzhou Economic and Technology Development Zone and the national-level Huzhou Taihu Lake Tourist Resort.

The development zone gives priority to developing new energy automobiles, the biopharmaceutical industry, electronics and information technology, finance and other modern service sectors.

The tourist resort includes a beautiful 65-kilometer-long lake shoreline with unique cultural and tourism resources. The resort is one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations with the most potential in the nation.

The area covers 225 square kilometers, and has under its jurisdiction six streets, 275,000 permanent residents and nearly 100,000 floating population. In 2018, the GDP of the new area was roughly 18 billion yuan ($2.55 billion), and fiscal revenue was 4.94 billion yuan. The area also attracted 19.16 billion yuan in investment in fixed assets and $240 million in foreign investment in 2018.