Maple Leaf International School's Huzhou branch | Updated: Feb 12, 2020


Maple Leaf International School's Huzhou branch [Photo provided to] 

Maple Leaf International School's Huzhou branch, a full-time school, was launched jointly by Maple Leaf Education System and Huzhou's Wuxing district government. Situated at No 1655 Shengshan Road, in the district's Balidian town, it covers an area of 133 mu (9 hectares) with investment of 300 million yuan ($41.8 million). Opened in September 2017, the school features a kindergarten, a primary school and a junior high school, and adopts a teaching mode based on small classes.

The school set up all the curricula required by the nine-year compulsory education system. There are at least 10 English courses each week, taught by teachers from home and abroad, creating a favorable learning environment. In addition, it adopts a graded method in English teaching in a bid to cultivate students' English competence according to their different situations. 

It combines compulsory education required courses and curricula adopted by North American schools. The school pays more attention to the stimulation and cultivation of students' interests and learning habits. After graduating from Maple Leaf primary school, students can directly be enrolled in its junior high school.

Taking the nine-year compulsory education system as its foundation, Maple Leaf junior high school aims to expand students' horizons, strengthen basic knowledge and cultivate innovative competence. After graduation, students can participate in a senior high school entrance examination or be enrolled in its senior high school.