Yan Zhenqing


Yan Zhenqing [Photo/IC]

Yan Zhenqing (709-785) was a Chinese calligrapher, military general, politician, poet and litterateur. He was a leading Chinese calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). His artistic accomplishment in Chinese calligraphy is equal to that of the greatest master calligraphers of history, and his regular script style, Yan, is often imitated.

Yan became the prefectural governor of Huzhou in September, 772 and had a term of five years. He invited more than 80 men of letters to write and compile Yun Hai Jing Yuan, a masterpiece of words and rhyme in 360 volumes. He often appreciated natural scenery with other famous scholars such as Jiaoran, Lu Yu and Li Ye, leaving many poems.