Huzhou stages cultural, sports events to greet New Year | Updated: Jan 4, 2021


Participants in the 2-km brisk walking event staged in Huzhou on Jan 1 pose for photos. [Photo/WeChat account: huzhoufabu]

A dazzling array of cultural and sports events were held in Huzhou, East China's Zhejiang province to greet the start of 2021.

Among them was a brisk walking activity, attended by more than 1,000 people. Held in Huzhou Olympic Center on Jan 1, the 2-km walking activity has become an annual event in the city to mark the start of a new year.

On Dec 31, a relay race circling Taihu Lake started at Taihu Lake Museum in Changxing county, Huzhou.

The 258-km relay race was finished by 500 runners from Changxing county, as well as Jiangsu and Anhui provinces within 24 hours.

In addition, more than 400 fitness enthusiasts went mountaineering in Renhuang Mountain Scenic Spot in Huzhou's Wuxing district to celebrate the new year on Jan 1. 

A fishing festival featuring several local traditions was launched in Nanxun Ancient Town. It has been held annually since its inception in 2018. The performances, including a drum dance, acrobatics, and Sichuan opera, were staged in the town to attract visitors.

A creative market was erected on Xiaoxi Street in downtown Huzhou. The street housed roughly 30 stalls selling commodities, including snacks, vintage clothing, and jewelry, adding a splash of festive flavor to the city.