Digital economy in Huzhou gains ground | Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Wuxing district has been ranked first among administrative areas in Huzhou and 16th in Zhejiang province in terms of digital economy development, according to the 2020 Zhejiang Digital Economy Development Comprehensive Evaluation Report.

In recent years, Wuxing district has made great efforts to facilitate the integration of new-generation information technologies including cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence with the real economy.

It has brought in 50 major investment projects related to the core sectors of the digital economy including 5G communications, integrated circuits, Internet of Things and cloud computing.

In addition, the district has fostered three listed companies involved in the digital economy and two Zhejiang top 100 electronic information enterprises.

A total of 19 digital economy projects in the district have been listed as provincial key projects.

To date, the district has constructed 29 smart factories and digital workshops, 11 provincial-level industrial internet platforms, and 31 provincial models for the integration of the manufacturing sector and the internet.

In 2020, Wuxing launched a campaign to transform itself into the nation's first pilot zone for "all things interconnected intelligently".

A slew of measures have since been taken to facilitate the application of digital technologies in residential communities and shopping sites.

At present, 11 residential communities from the district have been chosen as pilot zones, which provide residents access to 11 digitalized services such as property fee payment and health examinations.