Wuxing to issue 10m yuan in coupons | Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Huzhou's Wuxing district is set to issue 10 million yuan ($1.54 million) in coupons to stimulate local consumption, according to local media reports.

The coupons will be available on online payment platform Alipay at 8:20 pm from April 28 to 30. They can also be obtained on the Nantaihuhao app developed by local authorities.

The coupons are valid until May 10 and come with four different amounts: 10 yuan, 15 yuan, 25 yuan, and 50 yuan.

They can only be used at designated places on the condition that spending reaches the required amount, which varies according to the coupons' face value.

Holders can only use one coupon each time, and the number of coupons used in a single shop is limited to one per day.