Hanggai town a hidden gem in Huzhou | Updated: Jul 5, 2021


A view of Hanggai town in Huzhou's Anji county. [Photo/]

For people looking for a tranquil rural experience, a trip to Hanggai town in Huzhou's Anji county is highly recommended.

The town sits at the foot of northern Tianmu Mountain and is rich in water resources, with the quality of surface water meeting China's national drinking water standard.

It also retains a primitive ecology, with more than 80 percent of its area covered by forests.

More than 600 trees that are over 100 years old are scattered in Hanggai, accounting for one third of the total in Anji.

A reservoir called Fushi surrounded by mountains in the town is also worth visiting.


A reservoir called Fushi in Hanggai town in Huzhou's Anji county. [Photo/]