Xi: CPC pursues growth for China, world

By Cao Desheng | China Daily | Updated: Jul 7, 2021


Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Chinese president, delivers a keynote address in Beijing to the CPC and World Political Parties Summit via video link on Tuesday. FENG YONGBIN/CHINA DAILY

Party will actively promote global governance so it can make new contributions to mankind

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, called on Tuesday for international cooperation for shared development and opposing technological blockades, scientific divides and development decoupling, saying any political manipulation for the purpose of blocking other countries' development is doomed to fail.

Xi, also Chinese president, made the remarks while delivering the keynote speech in Beijing at the CPC and World Political Parties Summit via video link.

He called on the world's political parties to shoulder their historic responsibility to promote development with results shared by people of all countries and improve the fairness, efficiency and coordination of global development.

Development is the right of all countries, instead of being a privilege of a small minority of countries, Xi said, adding that all countries should enjoy equal opportunities and rights for development.

He said the CPC will actively promote global governance to make new contributions to mankind in dealing with common challenges.

Xi underscored the need to uphold multilateralism, saying international rules should be recognized by all countries, not formulated by a small number of individuals. International cooperation should be for the purpose of serving the whole of mankind, instead of using group politics to seek world hegemony, he added.

Xi called on the world's political parties to strengthen international cooperation to cope with the global risks and challenges.

Facing a COVID-19 pandemic that is still surging globally, countries should intensify solidarity and cooperation to narrow the vaccine gap, oppose politicizing the disease and jointly advance the building of a global community of health for all, he said.

Xi underlined the need for countries to improve governance in order to raise their capacity for enhancing people's well-being.

People of all countries have the right to choose their own development path and institutional model, he said, and there are various ways of realizing democracy. Whether a country is democratic or not should be judged by its own people, not by a small minority of individuals, he added.

Xi also called on the world's political parties to build up consensus for upholding the common value of humanity in promoting peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom. The parties were also urged to promote international coordination and cooperation and to advance the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Noting that the CPC remains true to its founding aspiration and mission for people's happiness, Xi said it has also been striving to promote peace and development.

China has worked to be a promoter of world peace, contributor of global development and champion of international order, he added.

Xi said that the country will firmly pursue the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics to develop itself and at the same time benefit the world. A country's efforts to independently explore a path that suits its national conditions to achieve modernization should be respected, he added.

The CPC will unite and lead the Chinese people to comprehensively deepen reform and expand opening-up and make new contributions to the common development and prosperity of all countries, Xi noted.

Saying that the trend for opening-up and cooperation remains unchanged, Xi pointed out that the CPC stands ready to strengthen communication with the world's political parties to guide economic globalization to become more open, inclusive, mutually beneficial and balanced toward greater win-win results.

China is willing to intensify high-quality cooperation with the international community on joint construction of the Belt and Road, promote global mutual connectivity and enable more countries and their people to enjoy the development results, he said.

The summit, on the theme of "For the People's Well-Being: The Responsibility of Political Parties", is an important multilateral diplomatic event held at a time when the CPC is marking the 100th anniversary of its founding. More than 500 leaders of political parties and organizations from more than 160 countries, as well as over 10,000 party representatives participated in the event.