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  • Forests and grasslands


    The Inner Mongolia autonomous region has one of China's largest forested areas and is an important site for ecological protection in northern China.

  • Minerals and coal


    The region has a major mining district with a large number of new minerals. Since 1958, China has discovered more than 50 types of new minerals.

  • Agriculture


    In the agricultural sector, Inner Mongolia witnessed growth in all aspects of grain production in 2023.

  • Animal husbandry


    Inner Mongolia, with its vast grasslands, is one of China's major bases for husbandry products.

  • Water and wetlands


    Its surface water is about 40.66 billion cubic meters and its total water resources, 54.6 billion cu m, or 1.92 percent of the country's total.

  • Animals and plants


    ​With an abundance of wild mountain plants, Inner Mongolia has 2,351 species of flora, with 2,167 wild species and 184 types of imported plants.