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GUI boosts innovation in Anhui, fostering alumni economy

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: January 11, 2024

The 4th Jianjun Forum – together with Fudan University Alumni Association's annual meeting – concluded on Jan 6 in Hefei, capital of East China's Anhui province.

The event had as its theme the Alumni Economy Embraces the Hefei Model. And during it the representative of the Grand Union of Innovation or GUI, a tech innovation service platform based in Hefei, introduced its latest developments.

The Grand Union of Innovation serves as a testing ground for the reform of Anhui's science and technology system.

Having as its backbone global alumni from research institutes and universities – including the University of Science and Technology of China – it focuses on transforming innovative achievements, incubating startups, and optimizing the region's innovation ecosystem.

The GUI aims to be a hub for scientific and technological innovation and a magnet for emerging industries in Anhui province.

Since 2023, it's paved the way for alumni and business entities in four key areas to address the issues such as the lack of policies, talent, funds and markets for science and technology projects.

Firstly, it's issued special policies, providing 34 million yuan ($4.76 million) in subsidies to 57 projects – leading to innovation unit partners and innovation center projects receiving special funds support.

Secondly, it's offered capital resources by establishing China's first mother fund focused on the transformation of university achievements, with a total scale of 30 billion yuan.

It has also collaborated with financial institutions to develop credit-based loans – such as the GUI Startup Loan and Science and Technology Empowerment Loan – for early-stage science and technology enterprises.

As a result, over 90 companies have been granted credit.

Thirdly, the GUI has taken the lead in establishing the companies with intelligent and adaptive service mode, offering precise analysis and assessments of key industries and future industry developments.

It's also engaged with leading enterprises to facilitate specialist cooperation and provided them with high-quality services.

Lastly, it's focused on talent empowerment by partnering with the Business School of SciTech at the University of Science and Technology of China to cultivate versatile talent for the science and technology industry.

What's more, the GUI organizes professional projects or training programs such as the STIM Lecture, the Grand Union of Innovation Frontier Dialogue, and the SciTech Horizon Session.

These have benefited over 200 companies and attracted over 10,000 people to participate in online training.

Moving forwards, as a pioneer in science and technology system reform, the GUI plans to continue to collaborate with global alumni – bolstering Hefei's development and contributing to the innovative development of Anhui as a whole.

Monday-Friday 8:30-18:00

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