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Hefei champions tech transfer projects with 'Gold Rush' Project

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: February 4, 2024

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Proposals and ideas are put on the table at the meeting. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_da57a4eb9d4e]

On Feb 1, the Hefei High-tech Zone held a meeting for enterprises involved in the Hefei "Gold Rush" Project. It was attended by Lyu Bo, deputy director of the Hefei Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Song Daojun, director of the administrative committee of the Hefei High-tech Zone, and Zhang Liye, vice president of Grand Union of Innovation Service Platform Co Ltd.

The Hefei "Gold Rush" Project refers to tech transfer projects targeting scientific achievements from both domestic and international universities.

The meeting was focused on understanding the difficulties faced by involved enterprises and providing solutions. It was also intended to collect suggestions on how to optimize the "Gold Rush" Project and offer more precise support for enterprises.

Representatives from 14 enterprises in the Grand Union of Innovation (GUI), including Huacai New Energy Technology Co Ltd and HeChen Bioworkx, made brief reports on their development and future plans. They put forward valuable opinions on the problems they faced in the process of project landing and subsequent development, involving talent, investment and financing services, and industrial chain coordination.

Lyu said that in recent years, Hefei has focused on the practical application of scientific and technological achievements, providing comprehensive services and policy support from the discovery to the landing of achievements.

Based in the Hefei High-tech Zone, Hefei Scenario Application Innovation Promotion Center Co Ltd is the first city-level scenario innovation company in China to explore effective paths for urban scenario innovation. It is dedicated to providing backend market matching and scenario resources to enterprises in Hefei.

Song pointed out that the Hefei High-tech Zone has made breakthroughs in fields such as artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, quantum information, fusion energy, and aerospace information, and has become a leading region in the global science and technology field. In 2023, it achieved strong results in economic growth, innovation, green development, and new quality productivity.

He stressed that the "Gold Rush" Project is meant to help the zone gather socially responsible and culturally rich enterprises, cultivate future industries, and achieve new quality productivity. He called on participating enterprises to enhance core competitiveness and boost industrial innovation with tech innovation.

Zhang said the expansion and pilot work of the GUI is currently being carried out and suggested that start-up enterprises pay attention to standardized operation.

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