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Hefei city's GUI tech hub holds media symposium

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: February 7, 2024

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Media representatives express their views at the event. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_da57a4eb9d4e]

The Grand Union of Innovation, or GUI – a tech services hub based in Hefei city in East China's Anhui province – held a media symposium on Feb 2. It took place at the premises of Grand Union of Innovation Service Platform Co Ltd, with media representatives expressing their views and hopes for the GUI.

Zhu Lixin, head of the Anhui reporter station of China Daily, said:

"We are willing to work together with the Grand Union of Innovation to strengthen international communication capabilities and to tell the world the good stories about Anhui's scientific and technological innovation."

Gong Li, deputy general manager of the Anhui branch of the People's Daily Online, stated:

"Expect the GUI to foster new quality productivity, lead the development of a new momentum and compose a more magnificent chapter for Anhui province as it embarks on a new journey of Chinese modernization."

Wu Huijun, an economic reporter from the Anhui branch of Xinhua News Agency, said:

"The GUI is an experimental field for the reform of the scientific and technological system. It is widely gathering the world's most advanced innovation resources. I hope that the GUI will cultivate an innovative experimental field, gather a group of top global talent and nurture an innovative system, striving to build a vibrant, future-leading and world-renowned innovation hub."

Ma Fei, director of the Anhui Channel Operations at China National Radio, stated:

"The GUI is an innovation hub, gathering innovative talent and aggregating innovative forces. As a pioneer hub headed towards the future, it is leading future industries and spearheading the world's future development."

Wang Yunbao, executive editor-in-chief of Decision-Making, expressed:

"The GUI needs to gather talent and capital from a global perspective. It needs to build its brand – through the integrated communications of the GUI, the Business School of Sci-tech of University of Science and Technology of China and the Ling Yang Industrial Internet Platform – to create communication hotspots in social topics and trigger 'out-of-the-box' thinking through exploration."

Zhou Xiaojun, director of the Anhui New Media Group's Media Center, stated:

"In the exploration of technological innovation, taking the GUI at the core position, we must break through in policy formulation, develop in the process of change, empower in the process of growth and coexist through connections."

Wu Liangliang, chief reporter of the Economic News Center of the Anhui Daily, said:

"We look forward to seeing more vibrant innovation practices from the GUI and to better promoting development forces for new quality productivity."

Xiang Lei, deputy director of the Political and Economic Department of the Anhui-based media Dawan News, stated:

"The GUI is gathering global innovative partners and promoting future industries. The GUI is committed to creating a platform for the integration of technology and capital and fostering the development of new quality productivity."

Liang Wei, deputy director of the Interview Department of Anhui Business Daily, noted:

"We hope that the GUI will continue to develop, build a great ecosystem for innovation in Anhui province and empower companies and entrepreneurs to grow together."

Shi Hong, chief editor of the Zhongguancun Intelligent Network Innovation Platform, said:

"Driven by talent, inspired by mechanism innovation, integrated into the ecological system, with the goal of innovation, we aim to create a collaborative innovation home with the GUI."

Monday-Friday 8:30-18:00

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