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Hefei's Grand Union of Innovation tech hub gathers momentum

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: February 8, 2024

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Impressive corporate offices in the GUI Shushan Area. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_da57a4eb9d4e]

The Grand Union of Innovation, or GUI – a tech services hub located in Hefei, capital of East China's Anhui province – is widely said to be on a roll and is expanding vigorously. 

Recently, the government work reports for the provincial, municipal and district government levels in Anhui province, Hefei and the city's Shushan district reviewed all the work conducted in 2023. They also laid out plans for 2024 – all highlighting the excellent achievements of the GUI and underscoring its vigorous development momentum.

Anhui government work report: Positive momentum for GUI

The report highlighted the positive momentum of the GUI, with 846 new technology-based enterprises, nearly 10,000 innovative and entrepreneurial talent and the establishment last year of nine overseas innovation centers.

It emphasized the establishment of over 60 high-quality innovation units within the GUI in the future and emphasized the synergies among it, the Business School of Sci-tech of University of Technology of China and the Ling Yang Industrial Internet Platform – fostering a competitive and open innovation ecosystem through collaborative mechanisms.

Hefei report: Fostering innovation ecosystems, attracting global talent

In the review of the work in 2023, the report emphasized the effort of the GUI in fostering innovation ecosystems and attracting global talent. It mentioned the construction of 3 million square meters of high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship spaces, the global recruitment of 36 partners for innovation units and the establishment of nine domestic and international innovation centers.

In 2023, the GUI served and connected with nearly 10,000 alumni and landed over 800 technology projects. It is understood to be accelerating to become a prominent highland that links the global innovation network and aggregates high-end innovative resources.

For 2024, the report outlined plans to advance the development of the GUI, set up a venture capital district, operate 10 high-quality domestic and international innovation centers, recruit 20 new global partners and add 30 innovation units.

Moreover, the GUI is committed to being an innovative hub that aggregates resources and attracts first-class people and serves as a premier innovation hub with a superior business ecosystem, where business entities pursue their goals.

Shushan report: Complete special plan for Shushan Area of the GUI

The report for 2023 highlighted the signing of contracts with the first eight global partners of the Shushan Area of the GUI – as well as the comprehensive completion of special planning for the Shushan Area of the GUI.

For 2024, the report outlined a focus on the development of the GUI Shushan Area. This involves strategic planning for future industries such as artificial intelligence and the metaverse – aiming to establish a leading provincial-level area for future industries in line with the park's plan, while advancing the construction of sci-tech innovation carriers.

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