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GUi's Shenzhen Center enhances ties with local unicorn and listed companies

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: March 27, 2024

In a dynamic exchange on March 13, Grand Union of Innovation Shenzhen Center, in collaboration with the Guangzhou office of People's Government of Anhui Province and unicorn leaders' alliance, hosted a pivotal industry salon in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. 

Over 20 top executives from listed companies and unicorn enterprises, including SF Holding, East Group, and others convened for this transformative event.


Provincial officials, business leaders and staff of GUi hold an exchange in Shenzhen on March 13. [Photo/GUi]

Officials of the office illuminated Anhui province's robust industrial landscape and its strides in technological innovation. 

Engaging discussions ensued to explore potential collaborations between attending enterprises and Anhui's burgeoning sectors. 

Wu Qiliang, head of Shenzhen Center, introduced GUi and the center's role as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration.

The event bore fruit as several enterprises expressed keen interest in exploring opportunities within Anhui's industries. Companies such as Shalashike, and the unicorn leaders alliance voiced plans to venture to Anhui for further exploration and investment.

As a cornerstone of the global innovation network pioneered by GUi, Shenzhen Center and other branches around the globe stand poised to facilitate the development of GUi as a leading international hub for technological innovation, fostering partnerships and driving Anhui's development.

Monday-Friday 8:30-18:00

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