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GUi's ecosystem, development magnetic to hydrogen energy startup

Updated: April 3, 2024

Hefei Naqing New Energy Co Ltd, a mainly hydrogen energy-oriented startup,  announced its settlement in Grand Union of Innovation (GUi) on March 11. 

Established in December 2023, the company focuses on developing methanol reforming hydrogen fuel cell systems and domesticating core components. With a founding team deeply rooted in related fields, they have developed various product lines, accumulating essential innovations and industrial experience.

"The global emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development is driving the demand for clean and efficient energy sources like hydrogen," stated Shang Lei, the company's general manager, emphasizing the company's commitment to advancing hydrogen energy technology.

Comprising alumni from esteemed institutions, the company was drawn to GUi's development strategy and innovation-supported ecosystem.

GUi provided multiple services such as administrative affairs, negotiation with the owner of location, local policy information and suggestion about decoration companies. Already boosting modular mass production capabilities for different power products, it aims to leverage the resources and networks available at GUi for further growth.

Looking ahead, the company finds its plans relying on GUi's ecosystem and global alumni network to attract top talent and ensure swift development in the burgeoning hydrogen energy sector.

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