Nestled by the Yellow River, Ordos shines like a bright pearl.


The whole city is home to two districts, seven banners, 49 areas above village level and 25 streets.


Ordos is granted by the state and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region numerious preferential policies in terms of taxation, finance, lands, and etc.


Ordos (numerous palaces in Chinese) is situated in the north of China, and in the southwest of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.


From the giant parterre, to the uniquely-designed museum, to the city's library and theatre, every stop is a tourist attraction.

Folk Custom

Ordos retains traditional Mongolian customs and folk elements that have developed during the mixing of nomadic and farming cultures.

Shopping & Food

Mongolian milk tea, or Suutei tsai in Mongolian, forms an important part of Inner Mongolian people's daily cuisine, which they drink every morning.

Beautiful Ordos

Ordos is magic and colorful, with boosting grand mountains and magnificent landscape.


The new area is the core of the modern city of Ordos, in the south-central part of the Ordos Plateau.