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Zhenhu: Home to Su embroidery

Updated : 2018-04-04


Zhenhu, located in the west of Su Zhou new district, is a time-honored ancient town with typical Wu and Taihu culture. It is also reputed as a land of milk and honey.

As the hometown of Su embroidery, Zhenhu boasts a 1,700-meter-long embroidery street, appreciating the magnificent Chinese Embroidery Art Gallery and listening to the stories behind each works, you will definitely be amazed by the long-living Su embroidery culture.

Su embroidery is ranked as the top of the four famous Chinese embroidery styles. The name comes from its place of origin-Suzhou. Su embroidery is famous for its vivid presentation in which the landscape is in perspective, pavilions and towers are exactly the same as their real counterparts, figures show facial expression and birds and flowers are lifelike. The best embroidery works overshadow paintings.

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