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Xiamen enterprises shine at overseas exhibitions

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 8, 2023 L M S

Between March and April, 261 Xiamen-based companies made their presence felt by attending 19 overseas exhibitions and showcasing their products in industries such as stone materials, lighting, electronics, bathroom fixtures, printing, packaging and gift products. These companies targeted markets in China's Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, the Philippines, Australia, Russia and beyond, amassing 2.42 billion yuan ($350 million) in intended orders.

Since the beginning of the year, Xiamen has mobilized 365 companies to participate in 35 distinctive exhibitions. The companies have already secured agreements worth 2.98 billion yuan in intended orders.

From April 19 to 22, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center hosted the 2023 Hong Kong Printing and Packaging Fair (HKPP), a globally reputed event supported by the International Exhibition Alliance. The fair offered a comprehensive platform for global buyers seeking solutions in printing and packaging, creative design, product processing, eco-friendly materials, packaging and related services.

Encouraged by the Xiamen municipal bureau of commerce, 160 representatives from 52 Xiamen-based companies, including industry leaders like Yama Ribbon and Bows Co, Xiamen Jihong Package Technology Ltd, Xiamen Packrich IMP and EXP Co, showcased their products and services at the fair.

Xiamen companies also secured major orders at COVERINGS, the largest stone and tile trade exhibition in the United States. This year, the event attracted over 30,000 attendees, with 14 exhibitors from Xiamen occupying 25 booths and 225 square meters of exhibition space. They secured over 60 orders that amount to $10 million in intended transactions, illustrating the growing influence of Xiamen-based firms in global markets.


Xiamen companies fly to the United States to participate in a stone and tile trade exhibition in April. [Photo/WeChat account: xiamen_swj]

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