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Intl cultural trade initiative launches in Xiamen

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 25, 2023 L M S

On May 23, Xiamen welcomed the inauguration of China's "Thousand Sails for Cultural Trade" initiative, a nationwide endeavor to amplify the nation's cultural exports and global presence.

This project, jointly executed by six departments, including the Ministry of Commerce, strives to incubate foremost cultural enterprises and nurture international and digital cultural trade expansion.

The 2023 agenda highlights two significant endeavors: the "First Latin America-China Culture Roadshow" and the "International Audiobook Reading Platform".

The First Latin America-China Culture Roadshow, slated for late November, will journey across Guadalajara, Mexico, Iguazu, Brazil, and Santiago, Chile. This event, exhibiting a wealth of Chinese cultural treasures, will feature creative product displays and intangible cultural heritage expositions, ultimately broadening the worldwide scope of Chinese cultural offerings and services.

Concurrently, the International Audiobook Reading Platform aspires to construct a streamlined operating system tailored for Chinese publishers targeting global audiences. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of industry services, encompassing audiobook rights partnerships, multilingual translations, international audiobook publishing, and promotional strategies for domestic and foreign markets.

Additionally, the conference marked the occasion with a signing ceremony, where 10 partners formalized agreements, confirming their involvement in the innovative "International Book Copyright Supermarket" project, which Xiamen International Book Company launched.


The inauguration of the "Thousand Sails for Cultural Trade" initiative takes place in Xiamen on May 23. [Photo/WeChat account: xiamen_swj]

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