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Xiamen Port solidifies position as lead maritime hub for NEV exports

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 31, 2023 L M S

In a remarkable feat, Xiamen Port achieved a groundbreaking milestone on May 28, exporting a staggering 3,061 Morris Garages vehicles, out of which 1,722 were new energy vehicles (NEVs), setting a new record for the highest number of cars shipped in a single consignment to a foreign port. This accomplishment solidifies Xiamen Port's status as a premier maritime hub for NEV exports, with a remarkable fivefold increase in NEV exports increasing fivefold compared to last year. The port has exported over 43,000 of NEVs since the beginning of this year, illustrating its significant role in the rapidly expanding NEV market.

The key driving force behind Xiamen Port's success lies in its commitment to optimizing port operations and fostering an investment-friendly environment for upstream and downstream players in the new energy vehicle sector. Big names such as Contemporary Amperex Technology Co, CALB Group Co, and Hithium Energy Storage have found Xiamen Port to be a conducive and supportive hub for their operations.

To further enhance the safety and efficiency of new energy vehicle shipments, Xiamen Port has implemented a series of stringent measures. These include rigorous monitoring of transportation procedures and adherence to strict safety protocols. With a firm commitment to continual improvement, the port will continue to optimize its maritime transportation services of NEVs, energy storage systems, and battery materials.

Xiamen Port's ambition extends beyond its current accomplishments. It aspires to establish itself as a world-class port, playing a pivotal role in the global trade and logistics network. The port is dedicated to cultivating an optimal business environment and further advancing the development of the maritime industry. Through these efforts, Xiamen Port is poised to attract more industry players and solidify its position as a hub for NEV exports, contributing to the sustainable growth of the new energy vehicle market both domestically and internationally.


NEVs ready for export are parked at the Xiamen Port. [Photo/WeChat account: xiamen_swj]

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