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Dushu Lake South Tunnel opens to traffic

(chinadaily.com.cn) | Updated : 2022-11-28


The Dushu Lake South Tunnel opens to traffic on Nov 28. [Photo/Yinlibo App]

Suzhou Dushu Lake South Tunnel is officially opened to traffic on Nov 28 after three years' construction, largely shortening the drive from Suzhou Industrial Park to Wuzhong district from 30 minutes to five minutes.

Dushu Lake South Tunnel is the country's first double-layer tunnel under a navigable canal. With a total length of 3.33 kilometers, it starts from Dongfang Avenue in Wuzhong district in the west, passes through Dushu Lake and Suzhou-Shanghai Outer Port and then connects with Chuangyuan Road Tunnel in SIP.

In addition, a number of projects in Suzhou have made new progress recently.

The extension project of the east section of No 312 National Highway, also known as the Suzhou-Kunshan Middle Ring Connection project, officially opened on Oct 31. It now only takes 15 minutes minimum to drive from Suzhou urban district to Kunshan.

The north extension to Luxiang Road was officially open to traffic on Oct 29. The travel between Wujiang district and downtown Suzhou becomes more convenient.

The construction on both the East Taihu Tunnel and the Suzhou Bay Tunnel is in full swing, which will greatly strengthen the connection between Wujiang district and areas like Wuzhong district and downtown area upon completion.

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