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Where to spend your nights in SND


Where to find such a charming summer night in SND?

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Museum exhibitions worth seeing


Here are some exhibitions that are currently underway at the museums in Suzhou New District, Suzhou, Jiangsu province.

Huqiu Scenic Area


Huqiu Scenic Area, or Tiger Hill, is located 3.5 kilometers to the northwest of the downtown area and has the reputation of being the most beautiful scenic spot in Jiangsu province.


Suzhou Amusement Land Forest World recognized as national 4A-level


Forest World, a new branch of the decades-old entertainment brand Suzhou Amusement Land, was recently recognized as a national 4A-level scenic spot, according to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

Two tree-lined roads to visit in autumn


Suzhou greenery authorities announced that from Nov 22 to Dec 20, colorful fallen leaves will remain on 24 roads in the city rather than being cleaned up.

Suzhou's autumn colors in photos


With the arrival of autumn, Suzhou New District in East China's Jiangsu province is seeing its usual palette of bright colors.

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